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The Red House

This building was built with more architectural styles has mullioned windows and battlements, inside you can see the structure of a square tower and arcaded courtyard. It was the American Colonel John H. Cay Mackowen, arrived in Italy just after the Civil War and settled in Anacapri until 1899.
He followed the example of Axel Munthe: picked it up and kept it in his house numerous archaeological finds that managed to recover the island of Capri.

Within the walls of the Casa Rossa there is a permanent exhibition entitled "The painted island".
This unique collection offers visitors a number of images of the customs and traditions of every day eighteenth and nineteenth century Capri.
The thirty two canvases bear the signatures of Italian and International masters such as Barret, De Montalant, Carabain, Hay, Casciaro, Vianelli, Carelli, Giordano, Federico, Brancaccio, Corrodi, Lovatti, Bentos.
This invaluable collection was purchased by the council of Anacapri from Spiridione and Savo Raskovich, two enthusiasts of the Isola Azzurra who had spent years collecting works with Capri as the main subject. The three Ancient Roman statues found in the Grotta Azzurra in 1964 and 1974, have been "on-loan" to the Casa Rossa Museum since 2008.

La casa rossa a Capri

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