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Natural Arch and Pizzolungo

To the left, at the end of Via Camerelle, there is a steep but short path which leads to Via Tragara, a road which dates back to Roman times. The road is flat and well kept, lined with hotels, high class restaurants, and magnificent villas, of which passers-by can catch only a glimpse of the entrances amidst the lush vegetation which screens the property from indiscreet eyes.

Buildings of particular note along Via Tragara include the German Evangelical Church, built in typical transalpine style and most unusual for Capri; Villa Discopoli, residence of the writer Rainer Maria Rilke; Villa Lo Studio where the poet Pablo Neruda stayed, and the Hotel Punta Tragara, said to have been designed, if only in part, by the architect Le Corbusier.

Via Tragara terminates in a large terrace with fabulous view over the Faraglioni rocks. To the left one can glimpse, across the waters, a part of the Amalfi Coast whilst, to the right, there are houses clinging miraculously to the slopes, the castle-topped Monte Castiglione, Monte Solaro and the bay of Marina Piccola.

Arco naturale e pizolungo a Capri

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