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Augustu's Gardens

The Gardens of Augustus are a fine example of Capri's botanical ornamentation, with the flowers and plants of Capri being used to form an ornate picture frame for the island's breathtaking panoramas. The creation the Gardens of Augustus dates back to the nineteen thirties when the terraces on which the gardens still lie were constructed.

The landscape opens out to the left on to the Valle della Certosa, positioned between Monte Tuoro, Monte Tiberio and Monte San Michele, and the Faraglioni. To the right one can see Monte Solaro, the bay of Marina Piccola and the spectacular, series of almost overlapping hairpin bends of Via Krupp.

From the heights of the Gardens of Augustus one has a superb view of the townscape. The cross vaults which are a characteristic element of the Charterhouse of San Giacomo, are repeated in all of the island's vernacular architecture, be it of an urban or rural nature.

I Giardini di Augusto a Capri

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