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The Charterhouse of St. Giacomo

The construction of the monastery of the Charterhouse (Certosa di San Giacomo) was initiated in 1363-65 by Giacomo Arcucci on land donated by Queen Giovanna 1st of Angiò. In 1553 restoration work commenced, including the enlargement and fortification of the building and the addition of a tower to the South which subsequently collapsed in the eighteen hundreds.

The Charterhouse is reached via an avenue at the end of which one arrives at the entrance and fortified tower. Next to the tower there is the portico of the Church. The Charterhouse is comprised of three blocks of buildings: one which is separate from the convent and houses the pharmacy and women's church; one for the converse monks and for the external guests with annexed granaries, stables and the monks workshops; the last block was reserved for the life of seclusion with a series of cells around Choistro Grande cloister and the other rooms encircling the smaller Chiostro Piccolo.

The Chiostro Grande follows a late renaissance plan with cross vaults on stone columns, the area at the center is organised following a geometrical design with green spaces. The Chiostro Piccolo has delicate cross vaults on Roman marble columns. The Charterhouse is currently seat of a High School, of the Diefenbach Museum, Concerts and Events.

La Certosa di San Giacomo

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