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The beaches

In Marina Grande is a large pebble beach located next to the port (all the beaches of Capri are pebbles or rocky terraces and stairs). By the village of Capri you can reach the beach of the Baths of Tiberius, the site chosen by the Emperor Tiberius built his villa on the beach reached by a classic crop.

Along the coast of Capri is another very popular beach, the Lighthouse, which is easily accessible by buses that are found shortly after Victoria Square or walking through the old town and along the Via Nuova del Faro. The terraces of the Lighthouse are located on the south-west of the island and enjoys the sun until sunset: for this is the beach preferred by sunbathers.

Divided between those who want a dip cobalt blue sea and a visit to the Blue Grotto can spend her day between the inlets Gradola, particularly private and not far from the most famous cave of Capri.

Le Spiagge

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