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Tour of the island

A tour around the island of Capri by boat is, without doubt, a unique and truly exhilarating experience. The spectacularly dramatic coast of Capri is characterized by numerous creeks, tiny bays and caves. On sunny days, beneath the crystal clear waters, one can see a seabed rich in flora and fauna, including great banks of poseidonia oceanica, of such vital importance for the health of the sea.

Those wishing to see the most of the natural habitat, should opt for an excursion outside of normal daytime hours, especially in high season; preferably in the very early morning, late afternoon or evening. In high season the waters around the island of Capri are extremely busy and one be constantly aware of the dangers presented by motorboats, falling rocks and unmarked fishing nets.

For all but the most expert sailors, it is always a good idea to enlist the aid of a local guide familiar with the sea and its currents. A comprehensive trip around the Island of Capri lasts approximately two hours, although the duration can be extended for as long one pleases.

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